​Aerial dance workshop

15.08.2018, 09:47

Aerial dance workshop


Luftdanza’s work is a combination of aerial dance, contemporary dance and acrobatics. Duets and solos, using harness and ropes to create a new way and a new perspective to dance in the air defying gravity.

weekend 28/29/30 September 2018.
Friday 6 to 9 pm
Saturday 10 to 2 pm
Sunday 11 to 3 pm

max 12 participants.

Preis : 120.- euros.

The three days workshop will explore the diffrentes posibilities of aerial dance :
# Differents harness/ropes.
# Hanging points.
# Aerial dance's technik

Description of the class:

warm up : 30-40 minutes.
Floor work. through a combination of contemporary dance/yoga and pilates, warming up and prepare the body for the aerial work.

1 day:
first contact with the aerial materials, hanging up, exploring the perspectives and first aerial dance movement series/choreografie.

2 day:
exploring the duos possibilities / Partnering / Manipulation / Weight sharing .

3 day :
Bungees . Explore and use the posibilities of the elastics ropes. differents Harness .

Where :
Raum für Artistik Tanz und Bewegung.
Bernkasteler Str. 78, 13088 Berlin

Contact / Information :