News March

11.03.2020, 11:35

There will be a workshop in march, during wich no open training is going to be possible for only 3 hours during weekdays for two weeks.

It is a Tightwire Workhsop with Ernesto Terri, taking place between 16th and 27th of March.


The aims of this workshop are to develop your presence on the wire, find a sense of balance through musicality, improve your acrobatic technique, hone your intuitive elegance, and prevent yourself from becoming a slave to imbalance. Ultimately, you shall deepen your own expressive abilities on the wire.

Class time: 15 hours total per week of instruction plus open training before/after lessons. Lessons are Monday-Friday from 11:00-14:00. Individual lessons are available upon request.

Price: 300€ for one week, 500€ for both.

Level: Intermediate to advanced/professional level.

Registration: If you would like to participate in the workshop, please register here directly and bindingly. Afterwards you will receive an e-mail confirming your registration.

E-mail to Ea Paravicini:

About Ernesto:
Ernesto brings an unparalleled sense of musicality and acrobatic energy to his performances and teaching. He trained at the circus school of Annie Fratellini under the tutelage of Manolo dos Santos. As a tango dancer, musician, acrobat and clown, he blends elements of all these disciplines into his wire dance practice and teaching. As a teacher in Europe & Latin America, he has seen his knowledge transmitted by his own students onward to a new generation of wire dancers. As a director he accompanies students all the way from their first steps through building their own acts/shows.